Tuesday, March 6, 2012

the change.


its a strong word ey?

every day u wake up, do the same thing. brush your teeth, drink and go to lecture.
its in different situation, as a student, a teacher, a mother a father..whatever but it is still in the same idea.

in my context.
sometimes when I wake up. I stop and think, perhaps sigh a bit, thinking what i am going to do for today. I feel empty...

and its hard to explain.

Now at least after the change, yes, the change

I feel better. Alhamdulillah.

At least now, though I am still that lazy -i dont want to do anything- farah, but I have mission.
and insyaALLAH my mission is for HIM. to please HIM. and to fulil my duty as caliph in this temporary borrowed world.

Call me, lame. just make that 'duhhh' sound.
cause Ive been there, done that.

used to make the very same expression until I realise how stupid I am for making fun of something serious.

Alhamdulillah HE gave me chance. before it is too late. I am not perfect, neither am nice.

but I am trying to be the better me.

bit by bit. slowly.

Now Alhamdulillah I realise, its HIS love that matters.
Its HIS love that will mend my broken heart in the end.
I am no longer that worried (compared than before) about my Mr Right, cause their love wouldn't mean a single thing without ALLAH.

"If you give your broken heart to him, he will probably hurt it more.
But if you give your broken heart to HIM, he will fix it and take care of it until you met the right one"

....Its YOUR love that I want. Grant my friends and me your love Ya ALLAH.

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