Sunday, August 15, 2010

just another crap

whats the fish?
whats the fish is going on with ur fish life farah? *mind u im not using a cursing word here*

argh..everything is sooo in fishly mess!
u can only move ur butt whenenver mum nags u to

come onnnnnnnnnnn!

how am i going to arrange everything in A B C order again?
like properly and neatly arranged?

i know. i know y i become like this. uh huh. im sooo use spending my time leisurely.

im dont b what i always want to be.
im so screwed up.

earth on farah. please earth on farah.


  1. do a list farah, this help me a lot coz im not a well-arraged girl ;)

  2. we sure need a list. i jsut have to accept the fact that life is like a chess game. u dint plan, u lose