Monday, April 12, 2010

woot woooootttttttttt!!


i mean my second one.
the first one is the one I have at friendster *kind of weird to know I still have fs

so why am I wasting my time doing this? final exam is sooooo around the corner, 17. 5 is d date but I still sneak a peek of time to be wasted for THIS. this?. Is it worth it? Oh farah. i think dis is far better than U wasting ur time on fb. a lot better.

20 minutes before I make my decision...
* A conversation with myself

outside : peh. cool kowt blog die ni. nak wat blog ah camni..

inside : ey2. assignment da siap lom? lempang kang

outside :LIKE I CARE

inside : yesterday mama call ckp apa?
"kaklong hang jgn la duk buang masa..blajaq la elok2."

hang ckp..

"gulp! ok mama. promise"

inside: so realise? u've promise her

outside: ya ya. u r rite. So im goin to make a blog. and promise myself that this is just for my improvement. not the finding-ur-soulmate kind of blog. promise.

inside: cam same je..lantak hang la farah....

so yeah. here I am. I can always write what I want. I love to share.

so let me tell u bit bout myself *cliche giler ayat.


Was born at KEDAH DARUL AMAN. HIDOP OGHANG KEDAH.OYEAH! -kenegerian kejap.

I am A very good-looking girl. pls dont vomit at my page. tq

I can b very cheerfu, moody, mysterious - all at the same time. Im drastic. dats what my ex used to say. ;)

more info?

nah. I hate writing.

so dats all. chow miaw. assignment is waiting. oyeahh~

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  1. kedah kedah sudah kalah..kedah sakit jatuh dan rebah (ikut lagu kedah pantang kalah..kalau hang tak tau hang tak true)..alemak..aritu kalah ngan nogoghi nih..camno??